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Another boring entry about art. This will happen until October o.o

Art art blah blah blah. Man, I wish I had a camera so I could show you the progress of my traditional works. But I don't, so I thought I'd put up a nice batch of WIP shots of my Maka and Soul pics that I've put ridiculous amounts of time into. I truly think all the rest of my AA art's going to be done traditionally. Photoshop just takes for-ev-er.

I'll put them in links so as not to stretch your F-list all to pieces.

Soul WIP for the day comparison shot!

I've been super picky with the Soul pic because I wanted it to be a piece for me to post on the wall behind my table, among others, to help draw people's eye to my table! But now that I think about it, I think I'll make the center focal part of my wall display this picture. I finished it and was really sad it didn't sell at a local art auction, but it'll probably be really helpful at Tsubasa! I'm so glad I still have it. Now just to remember where I packed it. x.X

Maka WIP for the day comparison shot!

Here's some pics I do have of some of my traditional things, taken when I was over Nancy's and could use her camera. They're outdated, but it's still a look!

Unpainted Soul and Maka chibi sculpts! I have Luka, Miku, and L finished and painted along with Soul and Maka. I'm still painting Len and Rin. Stupid white and yellow takes like 6 coats to show up on super sculpy!

Soul going into the oven!

L watercolor. I only have reinking and the words Justice left to color now! It looks 3d from a distance o.O

Here's the lineart for the Soul CG pic. I messed up and made his thighs too short, so in Photoshop I made him stand. Color makes such a difference!

I'm gunna finish my Eruka marker piece (Finally!) and hit the hay!
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