Dr. Rockso (jaokolad) wrote,
Dr. Rockso

I was able to not just finish Mitsuki marker yesterday, but I also finished a CG bust of Mitsuki which I'll post here as soon as I can resize it. Here it is

I also painted Mio! Had to call Grace for color reference, though XD Since I can't just look it up on my computer ;.; I also finished the head for a Chibi Hitachin twin. I hope to have them sculpted by the end of the night. I'm going to shoot for finishing the L watercolor once and for all, and then sit in the library for a little while and sketch for Hetalia and Black Butler reference since those seem like hot shows that a lot of people will be cosplaying and will wanna buy at the con.

I think I'll do maybe 8 more chibis sculpts and then just do art. As cool as the sculpts are, I only have one of each, but I will be able to sell more than one of the flat arts. XD Seems maybe a little silly to spend so much time on the one of a kinds.
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