Dr. Rockso (jaokolad) wrote,
Dr. Rockso

19 more days x.X It seemed that I had almost no art ready and now, there's a ton of it on my wall. Still sprinting through the home stretch! I have 19 pieces finished and a tone started and time to finish even more!

Being Stage Manager is really fun! I could see a career in theater, but my mind is still processing like a film director. It's a little hard to translate between, but I'm learning. All my classes are coming along and are so fun which is great! If I was having trouble with any of them, I'd be pulling my hair out with the con coming up as well. Instead the load feels like a comfortable stuffed hiking backpack and the weather on the trail is nice. Here's to hoping for a great 19 more days!

Oh, I have to bug Job Corps for my last check. They still haven't sent it and I need money to get my art printed! While the IRLs will help me score at con and after con commissions, it won't be as good as selling printed products. x.x Anyway, gotta go hit the library and get some scanning done!

Oh and Beloved has been updated and I am absolutely thrilled to have it taken care of!
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