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omgiomgomgomgomg It's TODAY!

Went to bed around 11, woke up around 2-ish, been up since then and it's now 8:20. I'm leaving at 9. I ate breakfast and my stomach is all upset from nerves. I have everything packed and set and almost all the sculpts got painted last night. Even tho I put 6 hours of work into it, I still have to finish Skwisgaar's XPlorer, Germany's outfit and face and touch up the Vocaloid twins and Miku, not to mention Shinigami-sama's mask. Oh and there's just a tiiiny bit left on my FlapJack acrylic painting let to do. x.x; Then all will be done. All 500+ post cards, all 200+ prints, the stickers will need cutting out, but that can be done at the table easy peasy.

Since the con's registration pick up doesn't start till 12 and we'll hit Huntington around 10-ish, I'm gunna use those two hours inbetween to keep painting. It just means I gotta lug all those tubes of paint there and back. c.c; I had tried so so hard to make sure that they all got done, but in the end I'm still hella proud. Half an hour left. Maybe some lol cats will calm my nerves.
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