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Dr. Rockso

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[02 May 2011|04:53am]
I... want to vent, but I'm so sleepy I don't know if I can use my words right.

It's not you, it's me. No really. RP stuffCollapse )

[01 Feb 2011|09:10am]
I just realized that my adult life begins after this year and that it's Feburary already. This will be probably the fastest year of my life, I know it. I'm officially a Senior with just 40 + / - credits left till graduation. I'm looking at grad schools in CA and other places, trying to figure out just how to make this transition from undergrad to grad as smooth as possible.

Oh, and incase you didn't catch it on FB, becuase I really only used LJ for RP anymore, I'm currently engaged as well! Abe proposed at the Baltimore Aquarium on New Year's Day. Dunno what we're going to do, wait until after school to get married, I guess. You know, to make sure that fin aid is highest. So 3 more years before the big day, at least, but that's fine with me.

I just...I just woke up today and was like '11 more months until I begin the transition to where I hope to live the rest of my life. 11 more months being just a student.'

I need to work twice as hard as I did last semester. I need to work twice as hard at everything now.
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[08 Jan 2011|08:41am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Why is there only OC based fics and lemons in the Soul Eater fanfiction section? ;.;


[21 Oct 2010|01:45am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Aahh! Writer's block! I wanna write so bad that it makes me wanna go out at 1:35am running just to expend this pent up energy! Gah! Beloved Helpless and SouLimit BPM are swirling around my head, along with other shorter ideas and it's killing me!

I guess I should just get to those commissions already. I just don't want to keep going to sleep with the same scenes replaying in my head. I want them OUT! My head hurts ;.; The last lines, the turning point for my 80K+ word fic are at the end of this stupid chapter and they're such great lines! I want to get there so bad, why why why why is it like this? And to top it off, I'm stuck on a Kid and Liz scene. wtf? They have the most deleted and extra scenes in all the story. I've had to cut down on their interactions and now that I NEED it, it's like nope. I can't get the emotions out right and it's just crap crap crappity crap and it's holding up the rest of the scenes. And my sanity. I've tried to switch my attention to SouLimit which is the light hearted fic, but my head only wants to play the BH scenes (for the millionth time). I've even tried to do my other smaller ideas but those won't start right. I'd just sketch on the computer but my PS trial ran out and my PS 6.0 doesn't work right anymore.

Yea...just going to work on those commissions I guess. Another night hearing the same dialog and seeing the same scenes again going "Today, I'll definitely get to it."

Crap. I almost would rather not go to sleep at all.

So =D I go to bed at 5am, too tired to draw well anymore and I lay in bed, waiting to go to sleep. All of a sudden a new idea for a better direction for BH comes to mind and I wanna get up to write it down, but I decide that it's late and I need to sleep. Then better dialog for SouLimit hits me, but I roll over. It's not until 8-ish that I finally fall asleep. x.x And now I need to be up for the day at 10. Awesome. At least I have these ideas still jumping between my ears when I woke up.

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[12 Oct 2010|07:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]

So, in Horror and Fantasy films we're watching this film called "Canibal Holocaust" which our teacher stated is supposed to be the most controversial horror movie ever. And, well, it's kinda rough to watch. I'm trying to remember everything there was. Of course there's scenes of people eating human flesh, but that's not that big of a deal since that much is fake. Um, oh there was a scene where the protagonists' group comes across a ritual where a woman caught in adultry is dragged through the mud by ropes, hangs those ropes on a dead tree and then proceeds to fuck her with a sharp stone while pulling her up by her hair between thrusts. Then he grabs mud with rocks and bones in it, spits in it and smashes it against her bleeding crotch. Then kills her.

There are scenes where real living animals are killed and gutted, starting with a muskrat, then smaller animals like snakes, tarantulas, and then a large turtle which was very very graphic. Twitching and oozing. I ate dinner right afterwards, and strangely the food tasted better than normal. There was rape and skeletons and full frontal nudity every few minuets from the natives and the white protagonists. Young girls, little boys, didn't matter.

What really really scares me the most is that none of it scared me in the least. o.o It was different and graphic and interesting, but I wasn't sickened. I was just more hungry for dinner than I had been. I'm looking forward to watching the last part. It stopped just as they were beginning to amputate their guide's leg because he had been bitten by a snake.


[04 Oct 2010|10:31am]
Ok, sorry for the small mindless entry last night. I was so so out of it.

Friday, I was a nervous wreck since I had been working almost constantly on art for the table and I was worried that people wouldn't like it, so on, so on.
Getting there was nice. Nancy drove Abe and I to Huntington so we wouldn't have to wait on Matt and Grace, and it helped keep Matt's car a little lighter. We got there hours early and I was too tired and out of it to really work on anything. Once I was able to get my badge, I set up the table on my own and waited nervously by my self for the doors to officially open. It took about half an hour but soon people were there, buying prints for $3, 4x6's for $2. Once Grace got there, I had stickers to sell too at 50 cents.

There were so many amazing, amazing cosplays there including a wonderful Medusa, Stein and Kid who came and hung out at the table a lot since I very obviously love Soul Eater. Most of the art was fan art for it and I just gushed like the silly fan girl I am.

On the first day all of my Deathklok figures sold. Toki, Nathan, Murderface, Skwissgar, and Pickles as well as Offdensen. o.o I was shocked! I also had the pleasure of doing two cute commissions during the first day: Chibi Roxas eating ice cream and Chibi Sailor Jupiter. There were a lot of kids under 12 doing adorable cosplays including a bunch of Kingdom Hearts characters.

On Saturday a lot more of the statues went and I did a Medusa x Stein commission as well as a three character bust thing of Liz, Blair, and Stein since those voice actors were guests. Blair was naked in the drawing. Oh and Greed Ling from FMA and then a regular Ling wearing pajamas and watching Death Note.

On Sunday I received a lot of orders for commissions, but I just couldn't seem to finish anything. I had been smelling markers the entire day on Saturday and it seemed no matter what, I couldn't get it to look right, so those waiting on commissions will get wonderful ones once I recover a little. All commissions were done in full color too.

Once I hit about the amount it took to make everything, I just gave away all my remaining prints. Just. Took them and walked down the alley handing out prints and 4x6's with my business card to anyone who'd take it. It was really cool to see so many people leaving with my work! On Sunday was the Iron Artist contest. I didn't win, but I'm so proud of the picture I was able to crank out in 45 min! Low angled shot of Stein dressed as a vampire holding Spirit in scythe form and a blood scalpel. The paper was huge and my black prisma died, but that's ok. It was an amazing experience.

I was so scared that being behind a table would kill my con experience, but in the end, it was twice as fun as last year and I left feeling like I connected with so many more people not to mention a good wad of cash and a ton of loot. I am absolutely doing it again next year and I have so much more experience!

Oh and the other artists in the alley were amazing as well. They were so kind and it seemed we were all giving each other trades and freebies. It felt like a family,which is weird to describe. OH and I won a Al helmet from FMA. It's a football helmet with tape and cardboard but it looks so cool! The lady next to me did a raffle for it and made amazing money on the raffle. I'm going to do something like that but with a large statue or bust or something =3 So much to plan. So much to do.

There will be pictures soon!
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[03 Oct 2010|08:52pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

This weekend...was amazing. o.o Just. Amazing. I'l going to write more, but first I'm going to pass out. Oh, earned around $400 at the table, not bad for a first try. I got back all the money I put into the making of everything. Score...

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omgiomgomgomgomg It's TODAY! [01 Oct 2010|08:26am]
[ mood | Spaztic ]

Went to bed around 11, woke up around 2-ish, been up since then and it's now 8:20. I'm leaving at 9. I ate breakfast and my stomach is all upset from nerves. I have everything packed and set and almost all the sculpts got painted last night. Even tho I put 6 hours of work into it, I still have to finish Skwisgaar's XPlorer, Germany's outfit and face and touch up the Vocaloid twins and Miku, not to mention Shinigami-sama's mask. Oh and there's just a tiiiny bit left on my FlapJack acrylic painting let to do. x.x; Then all will be done. All 500+ post cards, all 200+ prints, the stickers will need cutting out, but that can be done at the table easy peasy.

Since the con's registration pick up doesn't start till 12 and we'll hit Huntington around 10-ish, I'm gunna use those two hours inbetween to keep painting. It just means I gotta lug all those tubes of paint there and back. c.c; I had tried so so hard to make sure that they all got done, but in the end I'm still hella proud. Half an hour left. Maybe some lol cats will calm my nerves.


[30 Sep 2010|05:34am]

[25 Sep 2010|04:48pm]


o.o 11.... [19 Sep 2010|07:56pm]
11 days! =O omgomgomgomg!

Um art list?

Chibi Death the Kid
Kid, Liz, Patty
Black Room 1
Black Room 2
Black Room 3
Chrona Black Blood

L Justice
Winry loves Pie

Chrona Black Blood

Maka Pin
Good Girls Gather

And two post cards made from the Mitsuki pictures I did for Tsubasacon. These ones will be given for free to those who buy commisions or sculpts.


Rin, Len, Luka, Miku, L, Dr. Rockso, Nathan, Sinclair, MIO

Hitachin twin 1

Sculpted, awaiting Baking
Toki, Skwisggar, Kid, Liz, Sophia, Naw Madarao

That's what I have. There's so many more I have that are almost done, back to work!
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art stuffs? [16 Sep 2010|03:39pm]
On the fast track to getting stuff done! I wish I had a camera to take proper pictures of my chibi sculpts for you guys. I finished the L watercolor and Elenore is almost done. I found a mermaid watercolor I started years ago when I was in Job Corps, so like maybe 3 years ago? It's about half done. I've got a number of psd's almost finished as well and I've been turning old pictures into 4x6 postcards to sell on the cheap at the con. I found my atomic sunrise watercolor which will draw lots of attention to the table and Abe's mom is sending the foot+ tall Shinigami-Sama sculpture I did for him last year which is sure to get attention as well. As soon as I get enough of the postcards finished, I'll so a mass art post, but until then, here's a few to check out:

Black Room Wallpaper made out of the three post cards I made out of my old frames from the Guard and Scythe project.

Winry loves Apple Pie This is some sort of inside joke with the fandom I think. My friend Spirit explained that apple pie refers to um..lol well.. nevermind. XD It's cute anyway.

Lucy From Elfen Lied. Being cute but still threatening.

Kid can has Symmetree? Can He?

=3 More to come soon.

[11 Sep 2010|02:32pm]
19 more days x.X It seemed that I had almost no art ready and now, there's a ton of it on my wall. Still sprinting through the home stretch! I have 19 pieces finished and a tone started and time to finish even more!

Being Stage Manager is really fun! I could see a career in theater, but my mind is still processing like a film director. It's a little hard to translate between, but I'm learning. All my classes are coming along and are so fun which is great! If I was having trouble with any of them, I'd be pulling my hair out with the con coming up as well. Instead the load feels like a comfortable stuffed hiking backpack and the weather on the trail is nice. Here's to hoping for a great 19 more days!

Oh, I have to bug Job Corps for my last check. They still haven't sent it and I need money to get my art printed! While the IRLs will help me score at con and after con commissions, it won't be as good as selling printed products. x.x Anyway, gotta go hit the library and get some scanning done!

Oh and Beloved has been updated and I am absolutely thrilled to have it taken care of!

[31 Aug 2010|03:01pm]
[ mood | confused ]

So, my new computer is big and beautiful and things are set! Just now I need to reorganize and rename almost all of my 2,000+ mp3s in iTunes. I've "imported" my playlists into it, but it left them blank when I open them in iTunes and none of the changes to the names of the songs I've made over the years are there. It's going to take a weekend, but at least it's all there!

What's weird is that my Dell that I had before was just updated, then it acted weird and then wouldn't start at all. Nothing no matter what you did. We took it into the shop and the guy said it was fried and that's why we got the new one. But when we went to get the info put onto this one, it's perfectly fine! o.O;; Oh well. My room mate really needed one so it's all for the best!

I've been dying to get back to work on Beloved Helpless! I'm off to go do that!


[25 Aug 2010|12:48pm]
I was able to not just finish Mitsuki marker yesterday, but I also finished a CG bust of Mitsuki which I'll post here as soon as I can resize it. Here it is

I also painted Mio! Had to call Grace for color reference, though XD Since I can't just look it up on my computer ;.; I also finished the head for a Chibi Hitachin twin. I hope to have them sculpted by the end of the night. I'm going to shoot for finishing the L watercolor once and for all, and then sit in the library for a little while and sketch for Hetalia and Black Butler reference since those seem like hot shows that a lot of people will be cosplaying and will wanna buy at the con.

I think I'll do maybe 8 more chibis sculpts and then just do art. As cool as the sculpts are, I only have one of each, but I will be able to sell more than one of the flat arts. XD Seems maybe a little silly to spend so much time on the one of a kinds.
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[24 Aug 2010|09:40am]
[ mood | amused ]

Welp. My laptop died. ;.; It feels like a beloved pet has passed away. The motherboard melted down yesterday, so this weekend we're going laptop shopping, so by Monday-ish next week I'll have my files on the new one and get back to work on my Soul and Maka pics. ;.; Good news is I have access to Photoshop Elements and scanners at the school library, and since I have Computer Graphics this semester, I can use the macs in there as well as the Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Illustrator in there.

I finished my Mitsuki marker project and sent it in to the people at Tsubasacon. I'm really excited to see how they'll like it.
Steampunk Mitsuki
Done mostly in marker, with tiny touch ups in PS.

Well, it's 9:40am. Let's see how much work I get done before 5:30 when I have class! XD


[23 Aug 2010|07:15am]
[ mood | rushed ]

lol Oh State. How you never surprise. There's no wifi in the dorm room and today I have to not just got to my classes for the first time but fight in the mile long line for my books. Also, I get to go grocery/supply shopping and finish moving the larger stuff in like the tv and microwave.

Ah well. Atleast I'm here. I've found a home for my fish. They up and changed the dorm policies, and while I could argue that the contract that I signed stated that we could have tanks up to 10 gal in size, I don't wanna fight our super scarey RD and I'm in the very very last room as far away from the bathrooms as you can get. Carrying those buckets would have sucked. x.x; So so bad.

Soul CG and Mitsuki marker are almost done. Just the final touches left on both and then I'm going to aim to finish my L and Elenore water colors tonight. After this, I'm going to do waists ups and head shots in my sketch book and then doll them up in photoshop later. I'm gunna get all Gaia up in this beotch. XD Head shot, waist up, full body extra. XD


YES! I AM FULL OF WIN! [21 Aug 2010|07:56am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I did it! Mio is in the oven! After 10+ hours sculpting I'm 1/2 done! Deep down, I wanna charge like $50 for her but I know no one will pay that much at a con for her when that money can buy a lot of things. 15-20 hours of work sold for around $30-35 kinda makes me a little sad. But, I feel a little better when I think of how happy she'll make someone.

Soul CG is almost done. There's just minor details to shade and finish like his zipper and the shine on his headphones cord. The Mitsuki marker is almost done too! I only have her goggles, right head wings, mech wing arm, left hand and hammer, arm band, under skirt and locket left to color. Then it's a quick line re-touch and she's set to be scanned and submitted to Tsubasacon's people to use in the program!

Now, I need to turn off my computer and pack my stuff. I'm moving into the dorms today! =D

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Another boring entry about art. This will happen until October o.o [18 Aug 2010|03:28am]
[ mood | artistic ]

Art art blah blah blah. Man, I wish I had a camera so I could show you the progress of my traditional works. But I don't, so I thought I'd put up a nice batch of WIP shots of my Maka and Soul pics that I've put ridiculous amounts of time into. I truly think all the rest of my AA art's going to be done traditionally. Photoshop just takes for-ev-er.

I'll put them in links so as not to stretch your F-list all to pieces.

Soul WIP for the day comparison shot!

I've been super picky with the Soul pic because I wanted it to be a piece for me to post on the wall behind my table, among others, to help draw people's eye to my table! But now that I think about it, I think I'll make the center focal part of my wall display this picture. I finished it and was really sad it didn't sell at a local art auction, but it'll probably be really helpful at Tsubasa! I'm so glad I still have it. Now just to remember where I packed it. x.X

Maka WIP for the day comparison shot!

Here's some pics I do have of some of my traditional things, taken when I was over Nancy's and could use her camera. They're outdated, but it's still a look!

Unpainted Soul and Maka chibi sculpts! I have Luka, Miku, and L finished and painted along with Soul and Maka. I'm still painting Len and Rin. Stupid white and yellow takes like 6 coats to show up on super sculpy!

Soul going into the oven!

L watercolor. I only have reinking and the words Justice left to color now! It looks 3d from a distance o.O

Here's the lineart for the Soul CG pic. I messed up and made his thighs too short, so in Photoshop I made him stand. Color makes such a difference!

I'm gunna finish my Eruka marker piece (Finally!) and hit the hay!

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this might be helpful x.X [16 Aug 2010|03:07am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hmm, let's make a list of wips!

Maka (back view) ~ Shade scythe, figure out a BG 75% finished (Soul Eater)
Soul ~ Finish details and final shadings. 80% finished (Soul Eater)

Elanore ~ Finish text and shading on her dress as well as her legs and the blood she's standing in. 70% finished (BioShock 2)
L ~ Finish background and re-ink since the image is 2+ years old. 87% finished. (Death Note)

FlapJack ~ Finish inking the right side, clean and paint! 56% finished (Misadventures of Flapjack)

Steampunk Mitsuki ~ Finish inking and color 55% finished. (Tsubasacon Mascot) (FINISH TOMORROW)
Eruka ~ Finish inking text and color in text and alarm clock 98% finished. (Soul Eater) (FINISH TOMORROW)
Yoh and Manta ~ Finish inking and color 40% finished. (Shaman King)

Michiru + Haruka ~ Finish figuring out poses 40% finished. (Sailor Moon)
Winry ~ Figure out a theme 20% finished. (Full Metal Alchemist)
CC ~ Stop hating her head and just finish it 60% finished. (Code Geass) (INK TOMORROW)
K-On! Chibis ~ For stickers. Yui and Mio are ready for ink. 25% done (K-On!)

Mio ~ Hands, shoes, hair touch ups, face, skirt trim, top hat, sleeve, bake and paint. 55% finished. (K-On!)
Rin + Len chibi ~ Finish sculpting Len. Rin is ready for the oven. 25% finished. (Vocaloid) (FINISH TOMORROW)


Chrona, Nathan, Toki (Soul Eater, Metalocalypse)

-Chibis: Maka, Soul, Miku, Luka, L (Soul Eater, Vocaloid, Death Note)

I did do an Al, Winry and Ed chibi set with a little cat as well, but they kept breaking since I puled them from the oven too soon and the paint job was awful. =/ I gave them to Grace who will love them anyways.

I did all my current work on Mitsuki, Luka (Finished! and so effin' cute! X3), Rin and Len, and the Michiru/Harkua sketch today from 2pm till 3am. Not a bad work day.

Edit: Couldn't move from the computer, wanting to work and all, so I toyed with my Maka and Soul CG pics! I blocked in the rest of Soul's base colors so all there's to do is simple shading. I also figured out what was messing with my head with the Soul pic. I fixed it! Oh Photoshop, you're so wonderful!

Moving into school on Saturday. I wanna have more than half of this finished before then, so I can just focus on chibi sculpts and marker projects at school! Ok Bedtimes now, for reals this time.


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