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Welp. My laptop died. ;.; It feels like a beloved pet has passed away. The motherboard melted down yesterday, so this weekend we're going laptop shopping, so by Monday-ish next week I'll have my files on the new one and get back to work on my Soul and Maka pics. ;.; Good news is I have access to Photoshop Elements and scanners at the school library, and since I have Computer Graphics this semester, I can use the macs in there as well as the Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Illustrator in there.

I finished my Mitsuki marker project and sent it in to the people at Tsubasacon. I'm really excited to see how they'll like it.
Steampunk Mitsuki
Done mostly in marker, with tiny touch ups in PS.

Well, it's 9:40am. Let's see how much work I get done before 5:30 when I have class! XD
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