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Aahh! Writer's block! I wanna write so bad that it makes me wanna go out at 1:35am running just to expend this pent up energy! Gah! Beloved Helpless and SouLimit BPM are swirling around my head, along with other shorter ideas and it's killing me!

I guess I should just get to those commissions already. I just don't want to keep going to sleep with the same scenes replaying in my head. I want them OUT! My head hurts ;.; The last lines, the turning point for my 80K+ word fic are at the end of this stupid chapter and they're such great lines! I want to get there so bad, why why why why is it like this? And to top it off, I'm stuck on a Kid and Liz scene. wtf? They have the most deleted and extra scenes in all the story. I've had to cut down on their interactions and now that I NEED it, it's like nope. I can't get the emotions out right and it's just crap crap crappity crap and it's holding up the rest of the scenes. And my sanity. I've tried to switch my attention to SouLimit which is the light hearted fic, but my head only wants to play the BH scenes (for the millionth time). I've even tried to do my other smaller ideas but those won't start right. I'd just sketch on the computer but my PS trial ran out and my PS 6.0 doesn't work right anymore.

Yea...just going to work on those commissions I guess. Another night hearing the same dialog and seeing the same scenes again going "Today, I'll definitely get to it."

Crap. I almost would rather not go to sleep at all.

So =D I go to bed at 5am, too tired to draw well anymore and I lay in bed, waiting to go to sleep. All of a sudden a new idea for a better direction for BH comes to mind and I wanna get up to write it down, but I decide that it's late and I need to sleep. Then better dialog for SouLimit hits me, but I roll over. It's not until 8-ish that I finally fall asleep. x.x And now I need to be up for the day at 10. Awesome. At least I have these ideas still jumping between my ears when I woke up.
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